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About CG's Bees

CG's Bees opened its doors in May 2016. Caroline's middle name is Grace, so Caroline Grace gave us the initials for the name... we thought it's kind of catchy (and we know cousin April will love it!).

Our primary goals are to:

   - have a wonderful hobby to share
   - improve our knowledge on this amazing insect, the honey bee (Apis mellifera)
   - educate others along the way
   - learn how to run a small business (teeny tiny business only spending money at this point)
   - FUNNESS!!!

David began his beekeeping adventure in the Fall of 2014. A hive was donated to the WFBC Community Connections Garden and he immediately started shadowing beekeeper Gene Cross.

In the Spring of 2015 David went to the beekeeping school at Bailey's Bee Supply and also ordered his first nuc. On May 28th of that year the bees arrived and were installed in the garden. David sat for and passed the NC State Beekeeper's Association (NCSBA) Certified Beekeeper's exam in July 2015, becoming a State Certified Beekeeper. He's currently working on his Journeyman Beekeeper certification. The Arnold's also joined the 5 County Beekeeper's Association (5CBA) and are very active there. David is currently the secretary of the 5CBA.

After a successful Fall split (thanks Tim Huffman for the help), both hives overwintered successfully and are now back to double deeps. Both have honey supers on them and we hope to harvest our first batch of honey in July 2016. Fingers crossed!


Our beekeepers

caroline arnold
bee enthusiast

david arnold
North Carolina (NCSBA)
Journeyman beekeeper